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This page will allow you to generate a partial class schedule for a given term. The word partial is used because, aside from term, at least one other search parameter must be specified, thereby ensuring that only a partial listing of courses will be generated. Once you have set the search parameters as desired, press 'Submit' to process your request.

Summer Schedule:
Session 1 5/13 - 6/13
Session 2 6/18 - 7/18
Full Term 5/13 - 7/18

Delivery Format
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This page allows you to search for the schedule of a course or group of courses. Search parameters always include Department and Term, and may or may not include Campus, Program, and/or Major. The search parameter term is required, and defaults to the most recent available term. The default setting for each of the other search parameters is All. At least one parameter other than term must be set. You can specify that results be sorted by either department-course number-section or by course title.


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